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Attach your PCB files to an email and send to sales@pcba360.com, One salesperson will prepare a PCB quote for you. Pls include the quantities and turntime desired.

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As the top printed circuit board manufacturer in the China , XDF can fulfill your prototype and/or production needs. We understand that your business is time sensitive and resource conscious, which is why we promise a quick turnaround and competitive pricing on your PCB and PCBA quote.

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1) Price for PCB Manufacturing Services

We provide up to 40 layer PCB prototype manufacturing service, and up to 18 layers PCB mass production service.

For small, Medium-volume and mass production , Please contact us to quote ,so that we can give the best support to you.

Available PCB raw materials:

Available PCB raw materials:

(1) High speed material: Rogers PCB,Nelco,Teflon,Arlon,Taconic,


(2) Normal pcb materials: Fr4, Fr2, cem-1,cem-3

(3) Metal core PCBAluminum core, Copper base PCB

If you request special material,Pls send email to us,We will do our best to purchase for you.

2) Price for PCB Assembly Services

We donot have Minimum request for PCB Assembly order,Pls send your PCB file and bom list to Sales@pcba360.com , We will quote you shortly . Medical and military PCB projects is welcome.

PCBA Quote types:

2) Price for PCB Assembly Services

We do not have Minimum request for PCB Assembly order,Pls send your PCB file and bom list to Sales@pcba360.com , We will quote you shortly . Medical and military PCB projects is welcome.

PCBA Quote types:

1.  Prototype PCB Assembly

2. Flexible PCB Assembly 

3. PCBA Test ( ICT Test , FCT Test )

You can request full PCB manufacturing Price that XDF provide PCB,assembly, electronic components and testing, Also you can ask partial PCBA quote that you will provide some components by yourself, Our pcb assembly services is flexbile

2) Price for PCB Assembly Services

We donot have Minimum request for PCB Assembly order,Pls send your PCB file and bom list to Sales@pcba360.com , We will quote you shortly . Medical and military PCB projects is welcome.

PCBA Quote types:

1.  Prototype PCB Assembly

2. Flexible PCB Assembly 

3. PCBA Test ( ICT Test , FCT Test )

You can request full PCB manufacturing Price that XDF provide PCB,assembly, electronic components and testing, Also you can ask partial PCBA quote that you will provide some components by yourself, Our pcb assembly services is flexbile

PCB Quote: The Ultimate Guide

In the PCB industry, a PCB quote is very important. A PCB manufacturer needs a quote to commence on his project. Without a quote, he doesn’t know what the customer needs. The PCB supplier submits the quote and the customer goes through it.

A quotation is not only used in the PCB industry. It is used in the business world. However, in this article, we will be discussing the PCB quote and what you need to know about it.

What is a PCB Quote?

A PCB quote refers to a document that consists of the proposed price for the services and goods provided by a supplier. PCB quote can also be referred to as PCB quotation. A quote states the most recent price of a good. The buyer and the manufacturer must agree with the price stated in the quote.

In the PCB industry, a manufacturer can’t commence with his work if a quote hasn’t been submitted. When the quotation is sent to the client, the PCB supplier commits to the agreed price. A PCB quote isn’t an estimate. The quote considers the overall costs of the services or goods rendered.

Since the components market is an unstable one, there is a tendency for prices to change. Your PCB quote will be determined by some factors like services, type of PCB assembly, etc. Most PCB quotes are online. As a client, you fill in the product specifications and requirements.

Some PCB companies make it easy for clients to get a PCB assembly quote. For a PCB assembly online quote, you have to create an account. When you create an account, login and request an instant quote.  A PCB supplier creates the quote in response to the requirement of the buyer.

Key Considerations in Getting a PCB Quotation

PCBs are used in several applications. Getting the ideal PCB manufacturer helps you get your requirements met. There are several PCB manufacturers. This makes it difficult to choose one. It is important you do a PCB quote comparison carefully.

Manufacturer certifications

What type of certifications does the manufacturer have? This question is important. Faulty electronic devices cause havoc. Electrical malfunction is one of the biggest risks. Any device put up for sale must have gone through stringent measures.

There are some standards a manufacturer should work with. Since you are committed to providing your consumers with good products, be certain that your manufacturer is certified. When asking for a quote, ask for your manufacturer’s certifications. For instance, if your PCB contractor is familiar with aerospace manufacturers, then request for a Nadcap certification.


You don’t want to compromise quality for anything. Quality can never be negotiated when it comes to PCB manufacturing. Quality varies from one manufacturer to another. If you order printed circuit boards that don’t suit your requirement, your customer’s expectations would not be met.

Make an inquiry about the quality control processes of your manufacturer. Quality assurance and quality control reduce defects. The manufacturer must adopt quality control measures during production and after.

Lead time

Deadlines are very crucial in the PCB industry. When comparing PCB quotes, prices and quality aren’t the only factors to consider. Lead time is a key consideration. Your PCB manufacturer should be able to ensure you get timely deliveries. Opt for manufacturers that work with deadlines.

Manufacturers that ensure minimum lead time are great to work with. Some PCB companies ensure that they carry out parts procurement concurrently with circuit boards fabrication. They also make sure that they receive all parts before the bare PCBs are completed.  Ensure inquire about the turnaround time and delivery schedules.


This is the first thing you will consider. Price determines a lot. The price you pay differs based on your specifications and requirements. Design, volume, and quality are the three main factors that determine the cost of PCBs.

The secret here is to balance the quality of the product with reasonable pricing. Opting for low-quality PCBs may bring greater long-term costs. Go for manufactures that offer great value for the price.

Flexibility and responsiveness

It is important you provide the manufacturer with all the relevant information as regards your PCBs. This will help the manufacturer meet your requirements. Relevant documents such as bill of materials, assembly print, and approved vendor list are important.

Your manufacturer should be responsive to your demands if you need to make any changes. The manufacturer should be flexible enough to make changes without any delay.

Expertise and experience

Manufacturers with experience know what you what. These PCB companies have maintained a long-standing reputation. Some manufacturers can’t handle complex PCBs. If you want complicated PCB projects, opt for a company that has years of experience.

Benefits of a PCB Quotation

PCB quotation has a lot of benefits for both PCB suppliers and customers.

  • Gives room for comparison

This is one of the benefits of a PCB quote. When buyers receive the quotes they have the opportunity to compare quotes from several sellers. Comparing quotes from different suppliers helps the buyer to choose the best.

  • Reduces negotiation time for both suppliers and buyers

PCB quotes help to reduce negation time between suppliers and buyers. The PCB manufacturer prepares the quotation and sends it to the buyer. The quotation is made in response to the needs and specifications of the buyer.

  • Creates competitiveness between sellers

A PCB quote creates competition between sellers. Most times, buyers like to compare different sellers. Manufacturers strive to ensure that they include all necessary details in the quotation. A well-detailed PCB quote can convert a possible client into an actual customer.

More Facts about PCB Quotes

Some companies provide quotes based on the interpretation of your information. However, the accuracy of the quote you are given is important. For example, PCB manufacturers may quote tin-lead for surface finish. Low-temperature FR4 is quoted for the material.

It is important you provide your supplier with accurate details.  Information about the Gerber files for all layers such as solder paste, circuitry, and accurate outlining should be provided. There are some essential items needed for a PCB quote. Examples of such items are the bill of materials, schematics, and the placement drawing.

A PCB quote should also include information like electrical performance. Electrical performance includes high frequency, high voltage, impedance control, and high current. This quote also includes mechanical information like maximum layer count, cutout locations, maximum PCB height, etc.

The cost of your PCB project will depend on firmware programming or agency certification. Therefore, it is advisable you include details stating the party responsible for these steps. A PCB online quote requires you to fill up the information as regards your PCB project online.

Features of PCB Online Quote

PCB online quotes offer several features. They are mostly preferred by buyers.

  • Individual accounts: PCB online quotes enable every user to have access to their individual quote.
  • Cost-effective pricing:You can change your PCB attributes. This quote allows you to have control over the final product’s cost. This includes delivery options and multiple quantities that suit your needs.
  • Easy order of PCB placement: You can easily convert your flexible or rigid PCB quotes to orders online.
  • Online credit card payments:You need to pay through credit cards. Online PCB quotes don’t require credit checks or purchase orders.
  • Technical support:Online PCB quotes offer technical support to customers.

PCB Assembly Online Quote

A PCB assembly is a circuit board with all the necessary components. Various factors like the number of different parts, type of PCB assembly, and services determine how you get your PCB assembly quote. Some PCB manufacturers allow you to use a PCB assembly quote calculator to get an immediate online estimated cost and quote.

To get a PCB assembly quote online, you should follow these steps;

Online form: The online form contains some text boxes where you can fill your requirements. The information you need to provide in the textboxes include;

  • Number of the assembly part
  • Revision number
  • Type of assembling service order
  • Number of boards to assemble
  • Number of unique parts in the BOM
  • Number of ball grid array parts
  • Number of through-hole parts
  • Detailed information on assembly
  • Number of surface-mount parts
  • Lead time

User authentication: After you have filled the textboxes with the required information you can log in if you are a registered user. If you aren’t a registered user you can register online.

Cross-check and submit quote: After the necessary details have been filled in, you can cross-check the information. To receive a PCB assembly quote and cost estimation, click on the calculate button.

Benefits of a PCB Assembly Online Quote

  • PCB assembly online quote offers several benefits which include;
  • Quality products and services
  • Instant PCB assembly quote
  • Transparent PCB assembly cost calculator and quote
  • Works with deadlines
  • Strict policy
  • Timely delivery


Getting a PCB quote is a safe means of fulfilling your PCB project. A PCB quote is often prepared by the supplier according to the requirements and specifications of the buyer. Most PCB manufacturing companies offer PCB online quotes. Here you can get your PCB instant quote. A PCB quotation is beneficial to both the supplier and the buyer.

Part I: Total Price for PCB prototyping

Layers S≤0.1M2 S≤0.1M2 Delivery Time S<1M2
2 80USD 100USD 3 Business Days
4 180USD 200USD 5 Business Days
6 250USD 270USD 6 Business Days
8 350USD 370USD 7 Business Days
Noted OSP,LF-HASL Immersion Gold,Tin
Mark:All surface process for FR4,1.6mm,Mini hole>0.25mm,Mini line width >5Mil .

4 Reasons to choose XDF as your PCB and PCB Assembly manufacturer, We will be your good electronics contract manufacturer,XDF wil provide good price and good delivery to you .


Quality Control:

At XDFPCB.com, all Printed Ciruict boards will be undertaking the most stringent tests other than the basic visual check. We adopt most of the testing and inspecting equipments of the industry, such as Flying Probe Tester, X-Ray Inspection Machine, A.O.I. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Machine.



Through the years we are proud to have been keeping an on-time delivery rate of 99%. We know, apart from PCB quality, the other most important factor is the shortest possible lead-time, which is crucial for engineers’ R&D works, especially in the stage of prototyping. We work in three shifts to make sure your PCBs will be on your desk as agreed up and as early as possible.

Our pricing structure is transparent and has no hidden cost in it, We will give the best price to you ,Maybe is just a fraction of what other American or European fabricators normally charge you. Even many price-sensitive customers like students and hobbyists largely rely on us for their PCB prototype and fabrication orders. We try our utmost to save your money and time.


PCB Assembly:

XDFPCB.com also offers SMT Assembly service for our Printed circuit boards customers.We will quote you in a short time, we will follow your bom list to purchase components,and guarantee all components is original,We provide competitive prices for PCBA services like our PCBs. All your projects can be done under one roof:PCB manufacturing,SMT assembly,PCBA Testing !

Part II PCB delivery time

Quick-Turn PCB leadtime
Layers PCB Prototypes Mass(≤10m2)
Expedited leadtime Normal leadtime Expedited leadtime Normal leadtime
1layer 1 working days 3 working days 3 working days 5 working days
2layers 1 working days 5 working days 4 working days 7working days
4layers 2 working days 6 working days 6 working days 9 working days
6layers 4 working days 7 working days 8 working days 11 working days
8layers 5 working days 8 working days 9 working days 12working days
Welcome to choose XDF as your PCB ,Electronic assembler, PCB assembly manufacturer.


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