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Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

XDF is capable of providing full turn-key and partialturnkey PCB assembly services. For full turn-key, we take care of the entire process, including preparation of Printed Circuit Boards, procurement of electronic components, online order tracking, continuous monitoring of quality and final assembly. Whereas for partial turn-key, the customer can provide the PCBs and certain components, and the remaining parts will be handled by us.

With XDF PCB’s Full Turnkey PCB assembly whatever Prototype  or Low Volume PCB Assembly , PCB, & PCB Assembly capability, you can go from concept to product to market in just a few easy steps. Upload your BOM file and get a Full Turnkey, PCB, or PCB Assembly price for components, labor and bare boards; it’s that simple. Our team of procurement specialists scours their sources to locate the exact parts you’re looking for, at the best price available on any given day.

How to obtain a quote for your turnkey pcb electronics ?

PCB Online Quote: An Instant PCB price can be quoted base on Board information .

Full turnkey assembly cost : This is an additional instant quote for the cost of labor for Turnkey PCB assembly.

BOM Pricing: To get a BOM price within 24 hours, email the BOM to sales@pcba360.com and include all details such as quantities, reference designators, and Parts manufacturer name and part number.

Most entrepreneurs and manufacturers find the old ways of manufacturing electronics and to printed circuit board assembly very intimidating because it is slow, prone to errors, and expensive. It wasn’t designed for small batch runs and prototypes, but to support enormous orders with a long lead time. Luckily, the services of Turnkey Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly are coming in today to meet the needs of hardware designers.

What can we do for Turnkey PCB Assembly Project

Hardware designers are happy because of the new opportunities offered by Turnkey PCB assembly. Some of these outstanding opportunities include:

1. Instant Quotes

Speed in mind wasn’t added to the design of traditional methods of PCB manufacturing. Usually, just to know how much their order would cost, designers had to wait for a long time. But with the new Turnkey PCB assembly, this is not the case. Here, you can find out the cost of your order as soon as the file of the design is uploaded into the online portal belonging to the seller.

2. Prototyping

The production of your first prototype is usually a very slow and expensive process. With this, chores such as out-of-stock electronic components, slow lead-times, and keeping up with many sellers all around the world become tedious. With Trunkey PCB assembly, you can now prototype more efficiently and effectively. It has never been easy to iterate your product and to get to the market affordably and quickly.

3. Online Ordering, Tracking, and Reporting

An online portal which streamlines documents management, ordering, and tracking, facilitates an instant PCB assembly. You are able to sign in and view the real-time status of your work, and as the work reaches key milestones, you’ll receive email notifications and alerts.

4. One seller to Manage

The Turnkey method to printed circuit board construction implies that you’ll need not to worry about managing many sellers. This is particularly a benefit if the seller will have to assemble your final product. Miscommunication, delay, frustration, and disappointments are issues of the past.

5. Order 1 or 10,000 PCS

Also called Kickstarter manufacturers or cloud manufacturers, Turnkey PCB assembly manufacturers possess systems that can bring small orders together and combine them into a big run. Your partner in Turnkey PCB assembly will be excited to manufacture your design in the desired amount once the design is perfect. As your business grows, you can keep the same partner.

6. Shipping Services, Inventory, and Assembly of Products

Also, the final shipping services, inventory, and assembly, and of products are offered by top-tier rapid PCB manufacturers. Without counting a reel or touching a box, you are able to ship in materials and components, make complicated products, and review your inventory. An API is offered by some vendors so as to integrate with your e-commerce or ERP solutions. Without any stress or delay on your part, the customer’s order is shipped directly from the manufacturer.

People who can use Turnkey PCB Assembly

Anybody with a design can quickly and affordably bring out their new ideas because this new method to printed circuit board manufacturing eliminates the limitations of quantity and cost inherent in the legacy system. For startups and small enterprises that want to bring their products to market without risk and cost of big inventories, Turnkey PCB assembly is just the idle approach to use. 

Also, it is good for Kickstarter manufacturers who might not know whether they’ll require just hundreds or few boards. The flexibility and speed of instant PCB construction are also enjoyed by producers and hobbyists. Engineers in large enterprises also see it to be faster, easier and, fascinating than traditional approaches.

From concept to Delivery

The producers control the whole process with turnkey PCB assembly. This process includes component procurement, PCB fabrication, packaging, Prototype PCB assembly, fulfillment, and testing.  When you have the right partner, you can remove the hassle of storing, purchasing and tracking your inventory along with the complications and delays built-in with the traditional approach. Now, you can let the PCB seller worry about other things as you concentrate on perfecting your design.

The fabrication of modern PCB is a great connection between streamlined manufacturing and online technology. This makes it possible to get prototypes in days, the direct shipment of fully assembled products to clients, and quote in just about some minutes. It is profitable to everybody as more innovative products and products of higher quality get to the market faster with fewer creation barriers.

The increasing use of Printed circuit boards (PCBs) in communications, aerospace and defense, telecommunication, consumer electronics, healthcare, etc., has driven the PCB industry’s growth. According to a news report by Expresswire, by the end of 2022, the PCB assembly market is expected to have a significant increase more than in previous years. By this report, Turnkey PCB assembly services are expected to skyrocket in the years ahead.

This article is for you if you’re an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), a PCB enthusiast, or an aspiring designer looking to venture into PCB assembly services. This article would explain the following as regards turnkey PCB assembly;

  • What does Turnkey PCB assembly mean?

  • Turnkey PCB assembly types.

  • 6 stages of turnkey PCB assemble.

  • Benefits of turnkey PCB assembly.


Turnkey refers to providing a product or service to a buyer for immediate use. In the PCB industry, QUICK turn turnkey PCB assembly means that the contract manufacturer (CM) undertakes all aspects of the PCB solution. These PCB solutions include but are not limited to the following;

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  • Assist in component procurement or sourcing and PCB manufacturing.

  • Assist in positioning circuit components on circuit boards.

  • Assist in the fabrication of the bare PCBs and sub-assemblies.

  • Testing of the PCB boards.

  • Shipping.

  • PCB fabrication.

The essence of turnkey PCB assembly service is to allow the buyer enough time and freedom to focus on the actual PCB design. In addition, this allows the turnkey PCB assemblies service provider to deal with the whole PCB assembly process.


Box build assembly, also known as the mechanical system integration phase, allows a manufacturer to perform other services which could either be simple or complex. The process involves performing every other necessary service apart from the actual PCB fabrication. In straightforward terms, box build is the difference between the PCB assembly and the delivery of the final products.
The box build printed circuit board assemblies gives designers a critical inspection and testing leverage. Designers need to ensure their PCBs work to specification and align with world best practices. Achieving this would cost them a fortune to set up specialized testing facilities.
Some processes involved in the box build PCB assemblies include but are not limited to the following;

  • Help in Installation and design of sub-assembly of all the components.

  • Software loading.

  • System configuration.

  • Assist in Packaging of assembled circuit boards into enclosures.

  • Packaging and labeling of the final product.

  • Assist in Sourcing and installing cables and wire harnesses.

Full turnkey PCB assembly allows the contract manufacturer to source all electronics components required to manufacture the PCB. Full turnkey PCB assembly takes care of everything from the electronic components procurement process till the final product is achieved. The difference between the box build pattern is that the manufacturer does not cater to value-added services like the box build. Therefore, this turnkey solution is better for designers who may not have time for PCB assembly.

In partial turnkey PCB assembly, the designer is expected to supply the PCB manufacturers with the circuit boards and other necessary components. These circuit board components may include resistors, capacitors, transformers, etc.
This type is only beneficial to designers with lots of electronic parts in stock. Otherwise, there would be a delay in sourcing parts for the PCB assembly manufacturer.


Stage 1: Seamless Prototype PCB Assembly
Before now, it was challenging to get PCB manufacturers to undertake printed circuit board prototypes because of the enormous costs incurred. In addition, it was a problem for designers because legacy electronic manufacturing services were designed for large orders. Moreover, taking on tiny or prototyping orders was costly and a waste of materials.
All of that has gone away, thanks to software innovations that allow PCB prototypes and small quantities for small businesses. For example, designers can directly upload their design documents and materials bills and receive instant quotes. With such sophisticated software, prototype delivery is possible within a shorter period.

Stage 2: PCB Manufacturing
After the prototyping and iteration process is the production manufacturing stage, as it was the custom, the quantity would impact cost, but nowadays, electronic assembly companies now accept any amount of orders with a reasonable quote just by submitting a gerber file.
Also, electronic assembly providers now have online pricing tools to allow customers to determine the cost per PCB manufacturing. Designers can also track and report on the circuit board assembly process.

Stage 3: Electronic Device Assembly
Having smooth turnkey solutions means that the printed circuit boards manufacturer handling the PCB fabrication can also assemble the whole electronics device. One other advantage of having your PCB manufacturer create your electronics device is the advantage of cost reduction and mitigating shipping delays of components. It is also the most cost effective for Small businesses desiring low cost product assembly.

Stage 4: Inventory Storage And Management
Upon completing the PCB fabrication, the manufacturer can assist in renting a space for proper care and inventory before shipping to customers. It is also an advantage of using the box build type of service.

Stage 5: Customer Satisfaction
A decent turnkey printed circuit board assembly service will ensure that both designers and users are satisfied. This satisfaction is derived from ensuring that they see the product life cycle to the last phase. Therefore, the company saves the designer the hassle of product distribution and less shipping.

Stage 6: System Integration
The last phase of proper turnkey solutions is system integration. This stage is essential in PCB assembly because the PCB manufacturer can only satisfy customers’ needs when they know if an order has been placed. Thus a good PCB manufacturer has software that allows designers to integrate their ERP system via their API, as in the case of banking applications.


Turnkey solutions provide an effective way for assembling and testing circuit boards. Most importantly, PCB assembly gives designers the freedom to focus on the dynamism that comes with electronic innovations. However, the following reasons highlight why designers chose turnkey PCB assembly services;

Partnering with a decent turnkey solution provider saves the designer the hassle of keeping up with numerous interaction channels. Moreover, turnkey PCB manufacturing is a no-brainer for small and medium businesses.
Conversely, prototype development is a slow process and thus requires diligence. Therefore, it is overwhelming to manage multiple points of contact. But on the other hand, the designer does not need to care about too many human resources required to keep track of projects.

Another edge printed circuit board assembly companies provide the ability to spot potential failure issues in design quickly. Usually, before the PCB is taken to the assembly workshop, the assembler checks to be sure specifications are met. However, in cases where there are variations in design, the assembler spots it and effects necessary changes before the PCB project begin.

Most electronic assembly companies provide value-added services, otherwise known as box building. These services range from delivering inventories, shipping, product packaging, etc.

Designers also benefit from complete turnkey solutions because it affords them the flexibility to combine small and large volume orders. It also helps designers to serve their customers satisfactorily. Manufacturers use cloud software to manage these inventories with convenience.

Much money is saved on human resources management, freight, and logistics management. It also engenders robust long term cooperation with manufacturers, and thus there is the possibility of getting reasonable discounted amounts on specific components.

    Printed circuit boards assembly is usually in three phases viz;

    • PCB fabrication.

    • Components procurement.

    • PCB assembly.

Therefore, once a quote is confirmed with a partner, getting design files across to the manufacturer becomes necessary. Upon receiving the design files, the manufacturer works on the design specifications to ensure the product is ready on time.


Quality: No designer wants to work with a manufacturer with little regard for quality. Therefore, designers are advised to ensure proper communication with their PCB manufacturing partners. Ensure that the best quality circuit boards and electronic components will be used.

Service: Be sure of the type of turnkey PCB solutions they offer. Designers should ensure that the manufacturer provides a reliable service in their niche.

Cost: Designers can contact multiple vendors to be sure they are dealing with a partner with a better price offer. That would give you an insight into what to pay per printed circuit board manufactured.

Speed: Confirm how long delivery of products would take without jeopardizing quality and be sure it is feasible.


Turnkey solutions remain the future of electronic manufacturing services because of the many advantages it provides to designers. However, a reliable partner with a good lead time is inevitable to make the process seamless and cost-effective.


Q: What are the various types of turnkey printed circuit board assembly.

A: Surface mount (SMT), through-hole, mixed technology, single and double-sided SMT/PTH.

Q: Do I have to physically meet the PCB manufacturing service provider to get a quote?

A: PCB manufacturing service providers now have an instant online quoting portal after receiving necessary files (BOM files, Gerber files, etc.).


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