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There are many names for prototype printed circuit board (PCB) assembly. Other names you will commonly hear are: surface-mount technology (SMT) PCB prototypes, PCBA prototype assembly, PCB sample assembly, etc. The term PCB assembly

refers to a fast prototype PCBA used to test the function of new electronic designs. These help with quality assurance, verifying that there is no problem with the test product, finding bugs, and updating the design. Typically, before mass production, one electronic project will need 2-3 iterations of a SMT assembly to make sure everything is working perfecty. 

XDF supports engineers to assemble their electronic prototype quickly and cost effectively during the whole design verification process. To ensure that the product design meets requirements, in general, we suggest 5 pcb or 10pcs for prototype assembly testing. Of course, one or two piece is also OK, so long as it can be verified.  

Why choose XDF’s Prototype PCB assembly services?

1. Prototype PCB Engineering Services:

  1. Design for manufacturability(DFM),
  2. Design for testing(DFT),
  3. Design of experiments(DOE)
    ● Develop control plans
    ● Value-added engineering services

2.PCB Assembly Services:

New Product Introduction(NPI)
● SMT: Surface mount assembly, single & double-sided assembly
● Plated through-hole, Selective soldering
● Mixed technologies: SMT, through-hole, and electro-mechanical assembly

3. PCBA Function Testing: 

●Flying probe testing
● Functional testing: Board-& system-level testing,including engineering support
 Circuit wire bonding
● PCBA Conformal coat (full coat or individual component coat)
● In-circuit testing (ICT): Developing test fixtures and testing (suggested building during prototype assembly)

How do we estimate the cost of a prototype circuit board assembly project?

It is easy to get a quote for our PCB prototype assembly; just send the PCB file and bill of materials (BOM) list to You will get full price in 48 hours (If you need quick quote, please send your email as “high priority”). Additionally, please include the following:  

  1.  BOM list (completeinformation will get a more accurate price—Check BOM sample here)
  2. Gerber files
  3. Quantity required (To save your total cost and delivery time, we accept full BOM purchases, and partial delivery)
  4.  Special technology process requirements,if any (like Selective soldering or non-mounted)

  There is no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) limit for PCB assembly -even one piece is accepted. Moreover, all components’ price is 100% based on your BOM list. If you need an equivalent replacement to reduce cost, we must get your official approval.   Our team is qualified to manage the complete prototype PCB assembly process, which includes the sourcing of all components and their management, PCB assembly, quality control, function testing, and delivery.   

Our prototype circuit board assembly is a specialized service that enables us to take complicated designs, prepare them for assembly, and test them without your needing to worry about PCB assembly workmanship. The prototype pcb manufacturing section of our manufacturing facility has a unique layout that allows for flexible use of both automated and manual parts-loading stations. Our staff is qualified and experienced in managing fine-pitch parts and ball grid arrays (BGAs) for high-density FR-4 PCBs. Our team is capable of manufacturing prototype pcb manufacturing volumes from 1 to 1000 PCBs.  

 Turnkey circuit board assembly is our primary function, even at the prototype level. We have engaged electrical engineers and have formulated effective guidelines for each step of the PCB manufacturing and assembly process, so our customers can benefit from PCB prototypingelectronic parts sourcing, and PCB assembly services. Additionally, we offer a partial Turnkey service that gives us the ability to assemble component kits as per the client’s specification.  

Our pcb prototype assembly service includes the sourcing of components. This allows you to concentrate on what you do best: layout design. We have a dedicated sourcing staff that coordinates with multiple suppliers and distributors to purchase electronic parts as per client requirements, and our staff completes these purchasing particulars in a most efficient manner. We have advanced processes for optimal selection of packaging (cut tape, tube, bulk, etc.) to reduce the total cost. Furthermore, we are capable of cross-referencing parts and even locating hard-to-find and obsolete parts. Customers can be rest assured that when XDF substitutes components that they are high quality: we only use the electronic component numbers and manufacturers specified in the BOM. We will not modify your original layout design. Part substitutions take place only with your permission.

The final pcb prototype assembly service cost includes assembly labor charges, bare circuit board rates, and part costs. On our website, you can send your PCB files to get an estimate for prototype PCBs and assembly prices. Prices are based on the rates of Digi-Key, Mouser, Avnet, Arrow, Future, Newark, or a particular supplier.   

We understand the importance of prompt delivery. The sooner the components are sourced, the sooner we can begin circuit board fabrication. We thoroughly evaluate engineering inquiries and concerns related to the related parts with our clients before commencing circuit board assembly. The average time taken for pcb manufacturing assembly

is two weeks, which can be further reduced if there are no hard-to-locate components or documentation mistakes.

We have specialized experts to deliver fast turnarounds for prototype circuit board assembly with surface-mount (SMT), through-hole (THT) and mixed-technology components. Our efficient and rapid prototyping PCB assembly service team can assemble circuit boards in as little as 72 hours.

How to guarantee high quality PCBA assembly ?

  1. IPC-600G class 2 and IPC-6012B class 2 standards
  2. ISO 9001:2008 quality system management
  3. UL certification level 94v-0
  4. X-Ray detection system
  5. Automatic optical inspection (AOI)
  6. Online test (ICT) and functional test
  7. Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliance
  8. Request 100%PCBA function testing

How to choose prototype pcb manufacturing

 PCBA sample assembly is a complex and highly professional process. In recent years, SMT assembly manufacturers have developed rapidly. Many electronic engineers or electronic device manufacturers do not know where to start due to lack of professional knowledge and experience when selecting specific PCBA manufacturers. 

First, when choosing a prototype assembly manufacturer, the first thing to check is whether the manufacturer is professional by checking for two aspects: equipment and management system. Generally speaking, the more professional PCB assembly manufacturers have more advanced and complete equipment, which is the basis for completing SMT assembly. Moreover, a good SMT manufacturer will also pass the ISO 9001 quality management system test, and will also be registered with the relevant national quality inspection departments. These qualifications and certificates can help you initially determine whether the manufacturer is professional.

Second, the “feel” of your service. An SMT assembly factory provides your PCBA assembly services, not the final product. Therefore, the service attitude of an SMT manufacturer is very important. A more formal manufacturer encounters problems or problems with customers. When other new requirements and suggestions are made, we will actively listen to customers’ opinions and make changes and improvements in time to satisfy customers. By inspecting a manufacturer’s service culture, you can make judgments about the quality of the employees engaged in SMT assembly and the overall corporate culture.

Third, look at the reputation. Industry reputation is a good reference factor for us to choose pcb prototype and assembly manufacturers. Manufacturers with good reputations generally have greater advantages in the industry in terms of quotes, service, industry experience, and R&D. It is recommended that we prioritize manufacturers with good market reputations, which will save us a lot of energy and time in the later stages.

This has been an introduction into the more important items related to the selection of SMT patch proofing manufacturers. SMT patch proofing is a must for everyone. Therefore, when choosing a service manufacturer, you should not be negligent. It is recommended that you build on the introductory content above. Comprehensive considerations ensures that you choose the most suitable prototype smt assembly manufacturer.

Anyone interested in electronics and electronic circuit boards needs to understand the various stages of developing and producing a printed circuit board. It can come in handy when you are seeking a top prototype smt assembly provider. The various production stages of printed circuit boards entail design, prototyping (prototype PCB development and rapid prototyping pcb assembly), and PCB high volume production. Different entities will always seek part of the whole production process depending on their electronic circuit board needs.

However, this article seeks to help you understand everything about prototype PCB assembly, a fundamental aspect of the PCB production process.

Rapid prototyping pcb assembly represents a fundamental phase of the printed circuit production process. It is also inferred as PCBA prototype assembly, SMT or surface-mount technology PCB prototype, PCB sample assembly, etc. From these alternative names, the meaning of prototype assembly regarding printed circuit boards becomes apparent. So what is assembly prototype?

PCB prototype assembly service is a fast prototype printed circuit board assembly primarily used to test fresh or new electronic designs. Consequently, it assists with checking and ensuring quality assurance of the PCB. For instance, it verifies that no bug exists in the test PCB, updates the design, and finds bugs. In most instances, prototype assembly of an electronic project will require two or three iterations to ensure everything is perfect.

If you have developed a printed circuit board design and want top prototype pcb assembly supplier, it becomes prudent to pick a top prototype circuit board assembly company. What better company than XDF PCB and Assembly Company. The company assists engineers and designers in assembling their electronic prototypes at a cost-effective price and quickly. You will get quality prototype pcb assembly supplier because design verification also takes place. However, you have to provide the recommended five to ten pieces for the prototype assembly testing.

Printed Circuit Board Services to Consider when Picking a Top Prototype PCBA Company

  • Engineering services on offer, and which relate to the prototype printed circuit board
  • Here it would help if you considered whether the company offers DFM or design for manufacturing services. Additionally, it should also provide DFT (design for testing) and DOF (design of experiments). DOE entails value-added engineering services developed control plans.
  • Prototype assembly services that the company offers. It would be best to determine whether the PCB assembly company performs single and double-sided surface-mount assembly. It should also have the capacity to perform selective soldering and plated through-hole. Additionally, mixed technologies also help, therefore, consider one that can combine through-hole, electro-mechanical, and SMT assembly.
  • Printed circuit board assembly function testing
  • Here, it becomes prudent to consider services such as flying probe testing, circuit wire bonding, and in-circuit testing. Additionally, the company should also provide PCBA conformal coat and functional testing.

Prototype Printed Circuit Board Assembly Process Steps

Understanding the PCB prototype assembly process becomes key in estimating the cost and other related aspects before approaching a prototype pcb production company. The assembly process includes the following.

  • It represents the first step, and it starts by allocating a distinct 2D barcode for each printed circuit board.  The barcode becomes instrumental in allowing any needed trace-back, and for this to get achieved, the barcode gets scanned throughout the assembly process. Crucial information like supplier details and every component’s delivery documents also get tracked. Further, the process steps deployed, the time, and the person who undertook the process also need to get linked to the PCB specifications and BOM revisions.
  • Stenciling of the solder paste. It is the second step of the assembly process and features equipment like a MEDL stencil printer incorporating solder paste on the bare printed circuit board.
  • Pick and place. The third step entails placing the SMD components accurately using the pick and place machine.
  • It comes after the accurate placement of the components. The inspection ensures that the correct orientation and placement of SMT (surface mount technology) components before relaying the assembly to the soldering stage.
  • Reflow soldering. It is the next step in the assembly process, and the printed circuit board gets placed in the reflow oven with every relevant component. The oven often consists of diverse zones, and it ensures the hardening of the solder paste. However, it becomes essential to remember that using a solder paste with a low melting point stands recommended. It entails eliminating the risk of damaging any of the PCB components by the high temperatures accompanying the soldering process.  
  • Another round of inspection. It becomes essential to conduct another inspection round post the soldering process of the SMT components. It allows for the detection of any potential defects of solder joints. The inspection often gets completed manually or by a machine, depending on the requirements and specifications of the customer.  
  • Insertion of through-hole components. It is the next step after the second round of inspection. Through-hole components get placed manually on the printed circuit board, and thus, you must ensure the correct orientation. The soldering, however, gets carried out by a machine or manually- by hand, though this depends on the extent of the needed selective soldering.  
  • Technical edge cutting. It represents the subsequent stage post the insertion of the THT components. Before you start, however, you need to ascertain whether you will deploy automated machines for the assembly process or do it manually. If, for instance, you are using machines, then the printed circuit boards will get equipped with the technical edges, edges that need cutting off after completion of the assembly process. However, when the PCB comes as a panel and possesses numerous single circuits, it becomes imperative to separate the panel at this stage. Clean cutting of the edges requires you to ensure pre-cut V-cuts or break-out tabs early during the ordering process.
  • At this stage, when the cutting off of the technical edges has already concluded, the third round of inspection happens. It is an inspection round that intends to verify the orientation and placement of every component to ensure it is all correct.  Additionally, the inspection also ensures that the quality of the solder connections besides the edges proves top-notch.
  • It comes as the next step after the last inspection. Here, the prototype PCB assemblies get packed in safe ESD packages. It is crucial to note that each assembly needs its ESD shielding bag. However, when the printed circuit board prototype dimensions surpass the standard packages, then the assemblies get packed in anti-static foam.
  • Quality control. The last step before the packages gets closed for shipping entails a round of quality control check. Here a sample gets optically checked to ensure the PCBA prototype is of sound quality.

Estimating the Cost of a Prototype Assembly Project

The ability to accurately predict the cost of your prototype pcb production project can prove a tough ask. However, you can always come up with estimates of the total costs. So how can you go about this? One of the best ways often entails getting a quote from your prototype PCB assembly manufacturer. The requirements, however, prove different with each prototype PCB assembly company. For instance, at XDF PCB and Assembly, you can always get a complete price quotation in two days once you have sent your PCB design file complete with a bill of materials. Further, you will have to enclose specific details such as the BOM list, your Gerber file, and the required prototype PCB quantities.  Additionally, you will also have to specify any need for special technology utilization in the assembly process.

At XDF PCB and Assembly, no MOQ limit exists for prototype printed circuit board assembly. Therefore, you can always order even a single piece of PCB prototype. What’s more? The price of components will get based on the BOM list you send.  However, you can always request equivalent replacements to cut the cost as long as you make an official approval of the request.

The company has a demonstrated history and capacity to handle your prototype PCB assembly needs owing to its qualified workforce that will manage the process. Additionally, XDF PCB and Assembly possesses the latest technologies and equipment to handle your prototype PCB assembly needs ranging from one piece up to a thousand pieces. Hinging their operations on delivering quality PCB prototypes within short turn-around times, picking us will always prove an inspired decision.  

Another crucial aspect of estimating the cost of production depends on the services and PCB product sourcing avenues of the prototype PCB service provider. For instance, if the company has a qualified team of engineers and sources the parts necessary for your PCB design assembly process in-house, then the cost drastically reduces. The opposite also rings true for companies that outsource services or PCB components. Here the price will always rise, and this can hamper your plans with the developed PCB prototype.

Finding a PCB turnkey service provider for your prototype assembly and sources for the diverse components allows you to worry yourself with the design, which saves you money. Additionally, a company such as XDF PCB that sources for components ensure that the components used in the assembly process of the PCB prototype are of top-rate quality owing to the quality certification and standards that it must protect in its operations. With advanced optimal selection criteria for packaging, you also get to reduce the cost, a crucial indicator of the total cost of the prototype smt pcb assembly.        

Another crucial determinant of a prototype PCB assembly service provider is labor charges, parts costs, and bare circuit board pricing or rates. To determine this, all you have to do entails accessing the company’s website, sending your prototype PCB Gerber file, and getting an estimate based on the supplier or assembly service provider.    

Most prototype smt pcb assembly providers guarantee prompt delivery though this often depends on the capacity of the company and the documentation you submit. For instance, the average timeline always comes at two weeks when all factors remain constant. However, for XDF PCB and Assembly, you will only need three days to get your delivery. Consequently, the quality and turn-around delivery times have to figure in your cost estimates, especially based on your budget and application needs.  It becomes crucial to note that we do a thorough evaluation of the engineering concerns and inquiries related to components before stating the PCB assembly process.

Mechanisms of Guaranteeing Top-Rate Prototype Assembly of Printed Circuit Boards

If you want top-quality printed circuit board prototypes, it helps to find the best prototype PCB assembly services provider. To determine the capability of the company to offer quality PCB prototypes for your needs, ascertain the following.

  • That the company has ISO 9001 certifications when it comes to quality management systems
  • That the company has an X-ray detection system
  • That the company performs a 100% printed circuit board assembly testing
  • That he company performs an AOI (automatic optical inspections)
  • High standards of class two IPC-600G and IPC-6012B
  • 94v-0 UL certification level
  • The company performs an ICT online test besides the functional test
  • That the company uses materials that comply with the RoHS


How to Select a Prototype PCB Assembly Service Provider

Picking a top pcb prototype service provider can become difficult owing to the number existing out there. However, to pick a top-rate one based on your PCB prototyping needs, you need to consider the following.

  • Firstly, it becomes important to consider the professionalism and capacity of the service provider by determining their management system and equipment. If a prototype PCB assembly services provider is professional, their equipment is likely to be complete and advanced. Additionally, a top company will also possess the ISO 9001 certification regarding quality management systems. Therefore the quality certifications can act as perfect beacons in understanding the expertise of a prototype assembler.
  • Secondly, the feeling you get from a prototype PCB assembler will also act as an ideal beacon of understanding their top-level status and ability to produce excellent PCB prototypes. Therefore you need to judge the assembly company based on their service attitude.  For instance, formality becomes crucial in business though a too formal company can represent a challenge in addressing modifications to the design, etc.
  • Lastly, the reputation of the company also signifies its ability to assemble quality PCB prototypes.


Prototype assembly acts as an integral part of the printed circuit board manufacturing process. It informs the ease or difficulty of the high volume assembly process regarding a specific PCB design.  Understanding everything you can about prototype pcb manufacturing acts as the ideal springboard for picking the right prototype PCB assembly services provider.


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